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Our governors are also quite aware that, the insecurity brought about by banditry in the North-Western states and Niger state which led to the displacement of numerous rural communities and depriving them of access to their farms and other forms of economic activities resulted in food shortages which pushed them further into the valley of abject poverty.

The families of the abducted children are living through a nightmare, unable to sleep as they anxiously await any news of their loved ones. The harrowing reports of the conditions faced by the kidnapped children, including a lack of food, only add to the distress and anguish experienced by the families. The scale of the kidnapping in Kuriga is unprecedented, with almost every household in the town affected by the abduction of a child.

The arrest of Chinaza Philip, a 28 yrs old of Life and subsequent revelation of Chidibere Nwodibo of Life Camp, Abuja, one Auwa as members of his kidnapping gang has again exposed the truth that the Fulani is being wrongly vilified for a crime that has turned into a lucrative cross-sectional enterprise.

Banditry in Northwest, especially in the eastern part of Sokoto state, has once again raised it’s ugly head. Since the inauguration of the current set of governors in the Northwest and their their vows not to negotiate with the bandits leaves much to be desired, especially that the bandits have increased the tempo of attacks on communities all over the subregion.