Patrice Lumumba Honored in Moscow: ‘Taking Up the Torch to Continue the Struggle’

The Congolese community in Moscow held its annual ceremony in front of the Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia on January 17. The ambassador of the DRC told Sputnik that he came to “remind the younger generation of the quintessence of his [Lumumba’s] struggle,” which – he believed – must continue.

January 17 was the anniversary of the assassination of Patrice Lumumba, hero of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). He was killed by his enemies 62 years ago in 1961.

Just as every year, the People’s Friendship University of Russia honored his memory this Tuesday in Moscow. For thirty years during the Soviet era, the university bore the name of Lumumba.

Among the guests was lvan Vangu Ngimbi, ambassador of the Democratic Republic of Congo to Russia. He shared his emotions with Sputnik:

“It is an honor for us because Patrice Emery Lumumba – who is our national hero – represents the symbol of the struggle for independence, the struggle for dignity, the struggle for brotherhood between peoples.”

According to the diplomat, Lumumba “passed away too young”. At the ceremony, he called on people to “remind the younger generations of the quintessence of his struggle” and invite them to “take up the torch to continue the fight.”

A Fight That Must Continue

According to the diplomat, “Africa is not yet fully independent, especially in economic terms [and] it is therefore necessary that Africa becomes a true actor and subject of its history.”

The youth must “wake up” to “go to the forefront to be able to conquer their freedom, their independence and exercise their sovereignty,” the diplomat believes.

Patrice Lumumba “is an inspiring figure for the youth,” echoed Gael Kazembe, vice president of the DRC community in Moscow. “Young people can take their example from him.”

“We are trying to perpetuate his ideas,” he continued. The student hoped that the friendship between Russia and Congo would continue.

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