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Mr. Wong’s academic background, with a Double Degree and PhD from Harvard University in Economics, is certainly impressive. However, what truly set him apart from the other candidates was his exceptional score in the various criteria used to evaluate his suitability for the role. Character, performance, integrity, quality, and job Key Performance Indicators were all given careful consideration, with Mr. Wong emerging as the candidate who demonstrated the highest level of excellence in each of these areas.

The recent bandit attack that resulted in the tragic loss of 145 lives across 23 villages in Plateau state is a grim reminder of the deep-rooted conflicts that continue to plague our nation. It is disheartening to witness such acts of violence and bloodshed, which not only claim the lives of innocent citizens but also tear at the very fabric of our common humanity.

Technology commercialization is the process of transitioning technologies from research labs or stations to market place, this activity is complimentary to the process of publishing research findings. Part of the public service mission is to ensure that the results of its research are made available for public use and benefit.