Embracing Hope and Finding Strength in December, By Chiwuike Uba

Embracing Hope and Finding Strength in December, By Chiwuike Uba

December, the twelfth month of the year, has arrived once again. It can be a challenging time for many, burdened with worries about Christmas celebrations, financial struggles, and uncertainties about the future. However, amidst these difficulties, it is important to take a moment to reflect and be thankful for overcoming the hurdles and pains that we faced from January to November. Not everyone who exchanged happy New Year greetings made it to this twelfth month, so let gratitude fill our hearts. Though things may feel uncertain and challenging, let us find solace in the fact that we are still standing, with so much to be grateful for.

Reflecting on the past months, let us not grow weary in our faithfulness and steadfastness towards the Covenant Keeping God. December is a month of completeness, restoration, and unmerited favor. It is a time for supernatural turnaround, financial blessings, freedom, and divine intervention in our affairs. Even as the enemies of God may sing songs of lamentation, we can take comfort in the fact that when God is in charge, everything aligns with His will. Therefore, let us hold onto our faith and banish doubts from our hearts. The twelfth month will bring about good things because we have already overcome the trials of the previous eleven months. God has an extravagant plan for each of us that surpasses our wildest dreams.

To the individuals and families facing economic hardships and uncertainties, I want you to know that you are not alone in your struggles. In times like these, it can be easy to lose faith and feel overwhelmed by the weight of your circumstances. However, I urge you to hold on to your faith and remember that God sees you, and He cares deeply about your well-being. Let us choose to focus on the possibilities that lie ahead rather than dwelling on the challenges of the past. It may appear that things are getting worse, but remember that even in the midst of turmoil, God works in mysterious and miraculous ways.

Today, I encourage you to take a moment and count your blessings. Consider the fact that you are alive and have the ability to see, walk, and work with your hands. These simple gifts are often taken for granted, but they are precious reminders of God’s love and provision. Take this opportunity to give thanks to God for His faithfulness in carrying you through the past eleven months. Open your heart to receive His abundant grace and mercy in this new month.

In times of hopelessness and despair, it is crucial to remember that God’s promises are true. He has promised to supply all your needs, and He is faithful to His word. Trust in His timing and His provision, even when it seems like the odds are against you. Let this month be a testimony to His faithfulness in your life, as He works behind the scenes to bring about restoration, breakthroughs, and miracles.

As we embark on this new month of December, let us lean on love, encouragement, and empathy to uplift one another. Together, let us reinvigorate our faith and trust in God in the face of hopelessness caused by economic hardships and uncertainties. Remember, you are not alone, and God is with us every step of the way. Have faith, be strong, and believe that there are better days ahead. May this month be filled with renewed hope, blessings, and a deepened trust in God’s plan for your life. Happy New Month, and may God’s grace be upon you!

Uba sent this piece from Enugu. He can be reached on
+234 803 309 5266

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