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Act fast to evacuate Nigerian students in Sudan, NANSE President urges FG

THESTORIES reports that following the conflict in the North African Sudan, the President of the National Association of Nigerian Students in Europe (NANSE), Bashiru Saidu Muhammad has called on the Federal Government of Nigeria to, as a matter of urgency, protect and evacuate Nigerian students in Sudan.

Muhammad, who was reacting to the outcry by the students on a BBC’s Tuesday morning programme, , said that “it is necessary for government to act fast to avoid subjecting the students to danger.

“I am calling on the federal government to take immediate arrangement by not only ensuring the safety of Nigerian students who are currently studying in Sudan, but also quickly evacuating them back to Nigeria.

“The ongoing conflict and in Sudan poses a significant threat to their well-being and academic progress in the face of the raging conflict.

“We must understand that the effects of the conflict are devastating, and it can affect lives, property, and even disrupt education. Therefore, Nigerian students studying in Sudan are not immune to these consequences, and we cannot afford to sit back and watch them suffer.

“I implore the federal government to take necessary immediate measures to evacuate Nigerian students from Sudan until the situation subsides. We cannot let the conflict in that country to rob these students of their future, and the tension now being suffered by the parents back home should be dowsed by returning the students.

“It is the responsibility of government to protect and ensure the safety of Nigerian students both at home and abroad. I reiterate my plea for FG to swiftly act in this regard,” the NANSE President said.

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