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2023: Sarkin Fulani of Lagos at Umrah, prays for Nigerian leaders

“God you know what we don’t know, chose what will be best for Nigeria and Nigerians among these people even if it’s against our interest”

By Bashir Adefaka

Aside the perfect job he has continued to do coordinating his Fulani people living in Lagos State on behalf of the Oba and government of the Centre of Excellence, His Royal Highness Dr Mohammed Abubakar Bambado II, the Sarkin Fulani of Lagos recently embarked on an Umrah, the Lesser Hajj to Holy Cities of Makkah and Madinah in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, to pray for Nigeria.

The monarch, during the religious journey that has the blessing of automatic acceptance of prayers and contains abundant blessings of Allah, prayed mainly for Nigeria, Lagos State, where he operates collaboratively for peace, unity and development of all and the entire Hausa-Fulani race of the Africa’s most populous country.

Sarki Bambado II, who was sighted by The DEFENDER in a sitting position with a copy of Holy Qur’an in his hand inside the 25-hectres size Mosque of Holy Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) in Madinah, prayed fervently for Nigeria to have peaceful and rancorous free transition process as general elections hold in the country in less than 90 days time from now.

The Mosque of the Holy Prophet in Madinah, also called Haram Madinah, is the second Holy Mosque of Muslims in the world as an obligatory worship (solat) therein earns the worshipper 1000 rewards against 27 outside of the holy site, same act earns him 100,000 in the Holy Ka’abah also known as Haram Makkah.

Any Hujaj that is lucky to enter Raodah, the part of the Holy Prophet’s mosque where he is respecting and used as residence in his lifetimes me, and makes supplications, his requests from Allah are accepted and granted automatically, hence the urge for Muslims who are capable by health and finances, to visit the Holy Cities of Makkah and Madinah for as many times as they can.

The Sarkin Fulani of Lagos made it to the Holy Cities for the sake of peace of Nigeria and success of its coming elections, as no sector of the nation is not affected by political happenings in the country.

Speaking to The DEFENDER, when asked what supplication he made for Nigeria, Dr. Bambado II said he prayed for Allah to choose the best leader for the country from the coming general elections.

On his verified Facebook page, he also prayed, “God you know what we don’t know, chose what will be best for Nigeria and Nigerians among these people even if it’s against our interest.

“Your choice is better than human choice.

“God unite us and forgive our shortcomings.

Ameen thumma ameen,” he posted.

He has since returned to Nigeria.

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